Caring, Compassionate Delaware Veterinarian Services

Since 1997 A. Little Veterinary Clinic has evolved into a three doctor practice specializing in small animal medicine, wellness services and elective procedures. We are proud of the high standards of care our hospital has provided to our clients thus far and are committed to many more years of outstanding service.
We proudly serve both Kent and Sussex Delaware with compassionate, caring veterinarian services. Call us at (302) 398-3367 to schedule your appointment.

Dr. Sharon Little, Dr. Sheryl Trivits, Dr. Kacie Minner, and our staff look forward to seeing you in our office!

Frontline Plus

Buy 6 doses of Frontline Plus and get 2 free single doses of the same size! This offer is for a limited time only so stop in today to purchase your flea and tick medications and any other year round preventions you may need.

Plants that are toxic or deadly to your pet

Many pet owners are unaware that they may be placing their companions into harms way simply by having house plants or seemingly innocuous outdoor flowers, bushes, and plants. In order to help protect your pet, we have complied a list of the plants that are known to be toxic, or even deadly, to your pet.

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