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Information to Help Your Care for Your Pet

Plants that are toxic or deadly to your pet

Many pet owners are unaware that they may be placing their companions into harms way simply by having house plants or seemingly innocuous outdoor flowers, bushes, and plants. In order to help protect your pet, we have complied a list of the plants that are known to be toxic, or even deadly, to your pet.

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Pet Fire Safety

Fire Safety: Keeping your pets safe

Fire safety and awareness is not only important for your home, but also for protecting your pets during a fire or unexpected emergency.

Here are some simple steps to create your evacuation plan:

  • Be sure that all SMOKE DETECTORS, have fresh batteries and are in working order.
  • Designate one family member to be responsible for EACH PET in case an evacuation is needed.
  • Alert Firefighters of the pets in your home! Use stickers on doors and windows indicating the number and kind of pets in your home. These stickers can be purchased at pet stores, humane societies and fire departments.
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