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A. Little Veterinary Clinic, Delaware

After years of discussion we have finally made the move to launch our own website. In this way we can show our current clients and potential new clients what we are all about. We really have enjoyed creating this site for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy checking out the information we have provided. While visiting our site you can view our office hours, learn more about our Veterinarians, our staff and the services we provide.

Use our contact feature to email us with general questions, concerns, feedback or for those of you who are our current clients contact us about prescription food order information and to make appointments online. Please note that this contact feature is not an emergency feature. Please contact our office directly if you have an emergency situation. Also, if you are a new client, we ask that you please contact us by phone to make your initial appointment as we will need to gather information to evaluate you and your pets needs. Dr. Sharon Little, Dr. Sheryl Trivits, Dr. Christina Dayton and our staff would love to hear from you!

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  1. Hi
    Im moving to Harrington De from Pa. Were retired and have a 3 1/2 yr old Blue Heeler-black lab mixed. She has been getting aquitaine injections evey 8 weeks for her Mpl in both back legs because we cant afford surgery, were retired. She has been doing great no limp and walking and running good. I know you would need to see her once we move in July but do you give ( aquitaine injections) at your office? I have all her medical papers and shot records. Could you let me know please.
    Thank You
    Clem Pascoe

    1. Dear Clem,

      We’re revising our website and your comment got lost in cyber-space for a little bit! Yes, we do give aquitaine injections! If it’s going to be due right away, just let us know so we can get you in as soon as possible!

      Please give us a call at 302-398-3367, and ask for Debbie!

      A. Little Veterinary Clinic

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