Welcome Dr. Christina Dayton

Dr. Christina Dayton-Wall

We are overwhelmed with excitement in welcoming back Dr. Christina Dayton-Wall not only to Delaware but to rejoin our hospital as a practicing veterinarian. Over 10 years ago Dr. Dayton-Wall was a kennel assistant here at A. Little Veterinary Clinic and just starting to learn the ropes. Dr. Dayton-Wall will add a new dynamic to our hospital and she looks forward to meeting all of our clients both old and new!

Dr. Christina Dayton-Wall was born and raised in Lincoln, Delaware. She started her veterinary career as a kennel person at A. Little Veterinary Clinic many years ago! Dr. Dayton-Wall graduated from the University Of Georgia College Of Veterinary Medicine in 2007. Dr. Dayton-Wall enjoys working on all types of animals including horses, dogs, goats, cats, alpacas, and llamas.

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